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Friend Indeed 3.0 safago Gold Gamis Black - 20

Friend Indeed 3.0

Friend Indeed 3.0 gamis
•cutting aline basic
•precious with over stitch detail
•cutting lengan loose with finger tie agar rapih tak mudah tersingkap, wudhu friendly with zip
•breastfeedmom friendly
•two big pockets with flap
•elegance with #safagogoldlabel

Friend Indeed 3.0 gamis, khimar, niqab bisa dimiliki terpisah tidak harus set

6 pilihan warna Friend Indeed 3.0 :

spesifikasi kain Friend Indeed 3.0

jenis : polyester
nama : marcella

look : matte
handfeel : smooth
stretch : yes
ironless : yes
feels : casual formal

gramasi Friend Indeed
(medium weight)
gamis S : 455gr

gamis M : 480gr
gamis L : 495gr
gamis XL : 520gr
gamis XXL : 550gr

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