SAFAGO | Friend In Deen

Friend in Deen 2.0 Safago Gold Set Fiord (niqab dijual terpisah) - 20


Friend in Deen 2.0

Friend in Deen gamis
•oversized wide and loose dress to easen your move
•itchy free U neck
•thanks to hassle free hand cuff
•breast feed mom friendly
•right pocket with zip for hands free mode on
•chic & elegance feels with #safagogoldlabel

Friend in Deen khimar
• vshaped cutting
•pad nonpad classic
•size ±110/140
•chic & elegance feels with #safagogoldlabel

Friend in Deen 2.0 gamis & khimar are sold in pair, niqab sold individually :)

Friend in Deen 2.0 available in 3 bold and fresh color choices to accompany your daily activity : black, fiord, naval

Friend in Deen 2.0 material : prime qatary (soft, smooth, light, silky, luxury feels, middle east character fabric)

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